Summer List, The Second

Summer Days

So, in continuing my war on winter, or rather, gettin’ shtuff done this summer, the next thing to cross off my hilarious poster:

Summer List Fall planning

Fall planning.

fall planning

This was easy enough since I always have a wealth of ideas. This is really just a preliminary list, because some things rely on others participation (I am dying for the Beau to come with to the New Mexico Balloon Festival), and I’m liking my summer poster so much, I just might have to make one for fall through Xmas. But sketching it out is the first step to making it true! My list includes seeing the aspens change color, hiking in the lava tube or Kendrick Trail with The Beau and my cousin (who is beginning her first semester in college) taking the train to visit family in Albuquerque in time to see the Balloon Festival, getting new glasses and baking, baking, baking!

Seeing the aspens change color in the fall is a huge thing for us Arizonans. Beside the fact that in the Valley it’s WAAY too hot to grow any forests, aspen groves are pretty scarce. I have been meaning to get up the the last 5-6 years but things never worked out. But I think with my own personal Flagstaff guide (the Beau), I can get the motivation.

I am also super-hyper-stoked to whip up some ‘whoopie pies.’  I had never even heard of them before, so I am incredibly intrigued. I will have to put my chef hat and apron on and go to town!

What is something you can cross off your list for summer?


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