Take Five Friday: Craftacular

This Take Five is devoted to 5 inventive DIY crafts.

5. Light-bulb vase

lightbulb-vasesphoto on espirit cabane site. They also have directions for salt-and-pepper shakers, too.

4. Wine Bottle Lights

wine bottle lightsphoto credit Also, glasses from wine bottles and another way to “green” up your drunken trash.

3. Cassette-tape ID case cassette purse a go goAlso, use the case it came in for your own spider catcher.

2. Literary Clock

the giving clockrad clock. But you could use any book for this really. I think the best thing you could say when someone asks you what time it is (besides “Dodgeball time.”) would be “reading time!” and then stop what you’re doing and pull out a book.

1. I adore this super easy how-to of making your own undies!

Hopefully i can find some patterns whimsical enough to want to whip up some of my own!

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