I started patrolling my house today, looking for yellow things. I giggled when I realized yesterday that I was wearing a lot of yellow. My two favorite colors are green and yellow, so it was very uplifting to see just how much I actually incorporate them into my life, without even thinking.

1985 alaskan shirtOne of 14 vintage yellow shirts I own.

yellow nail polishyeah, the polish is a little chipped.

Yellow amalgamationrubber duckie, bubble wand, Goats Head Soup, cigar box, Travel Log, comic book shop bag, poppy candle, rad Carmex, necklace and textured craft paper.

my dirtiest shoes because i wear them the mostand shoes, of course.

I have also found a lot of red and green rifling through my house. I might have a couple more color posts in store!

What does your favorite color say about you?

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