June Clever

It’s time for another installment with your cleaning hostess…June Clever JulyYup, June Clever is back! Today’s cleaning project is: stinky carpets. Even if you get all the stains and dirt off your carpets, they can still have a “funk” about them. that’s why every month I like to use my little deodorizer. once again, the magic of baking soda comes to our rescue. sprinklestart by sprinkling the soda on all your carpets. I said SPRINKLE DAMMIT!Sprinkle LiberallyThat’s much better! You have to make sure there’s enough on there to actually pick up the smells, non? Anyway, I go around the house, sprinkling all the carpets profusely. Now, you can either start vacuuming the first spot you sprinkled, or wait. Depending on my cleaning mood (patient or im-), I will try and wait at least 20 minutes, so the soda can really do its magic. make fast work of the sodaThen vacuum like the dickens!

It helps keep your carpet clean and stank-free!!

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