Take Five Friday: A Lot More Than Five

I couldn’t stop finding super-wonderful things to share with the world this week!

1. It Might Get Loud technically opens today. In AZ we probably won’t get to see it until late September.

it sounds odd, but the beginning of it, when Jack White is making a down and out guitar with a glass bottle and what not, makes me lose my shit.

2. Zoe Bell. (plus Ed Brubaker? Le Swoon!)zoe and edphoto credit

I am obsessed with her awesome accent, her cute as a button face and her amazing upbeat mentality. Oh, by the way, did I mention she’s a certified badass?

3. She is another reason I am more stoked than ever to see Whip It!

Whip It w Coachcredit

Also,  derby names are some of the best things ever! Zoe Bell plays Bloody Holly, Kristen Wiig plays Malice in Wonderland, Juliette Lewis plays Iron Maven, and Eve plays Rosa Sparks.

4. Thinking about giveaways.

I’m thinking of doing a couple giveaways on my blog. I have some super cool vintage stuff and ideas for care packages…but i’m not sure if anyone would be interested. Cookies could possibly be involved…

5. We Love Colors

turquoise legsMost awesome stockings ever!

6. Interview of Tom Waits, by Beck!

7. 73 Ways to be a Better Writer

8. Cutest elephant ever.

elephant lemmi

9. Getting Close and Personal with Point and Shoot Digicams has some great tips.

10. List of Band Names Etymologies. The Beau gave me this list a couple weeks ago, and I’m still going through it. Fascinating!

11. I am obsessed with wasting all my time in Square America.

summer was a blurin the booth 1

12. Operation Nice and Secret Agent L are my two new mentors, even though they don’t know it! Their commitment to being beacons of nice in a world full of selfishness gives me hope (and inspiration). I have a couple things planned in their honor. If only we lived closer together so we could plan massive Nice Attacks on a city all at once!

melissa says be nice pleasesecret agent book drop

13. I had to stop on 13 because that is my favorite number. Ramsey, who makes the fabulous List Zine and takes drawing commissions, updated her LJ recently, stating she has made a certain entrepreneurial goal, and I am beyond excited to find out what it is! She has such a great mind for knowing what she is good at and using it to her advantage. The plus side is, she is able to make the people that see and buy her stuff incredibly happy as well! I know whatever she does will be amazing.

Is there anything you’re incredibly happy/thankful/looking forward to this week?

3 thoughts on “Take Five Friday: A Lot More Than Five

  1. When I saw that trailer, I got so fuckin’ stoked. Jack White looks so handsome! This post makes me super excited. I have been posting more things on my tumblr rather than blogspot…missundead.tumblr.com if you are interested :]

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