Books I Cherish: Part Two

In this series of posts, called “Books I Cherish,” I will focus on a certain story, book, or even author who has touched my life in a profound way. As everyone’s experience is different, my views will differ with the “critics” and others views.

womenfolk spine

This BIC is Womenfolk and Fairy Tales, edited by Rosemary Minard, with illustrations by Suzanna Klein.

I grew up on this book. I don’t quite remember when I got it, but I know for a fact I was enraptured from the beginning. First off, all the tales are about women using their cunning and wit to escape evildoers, rescue friends and family, or win a mate. They don’t have to be particularly beautiful (though some of them are) to be worthy of a story. My favorite story in the entire book is about 3 tiny women that live in the hills of Japan who teach a sumo wrestler the meaning of true strength. Also worth noting is the achingly wonderful East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

three strong women

This ranks up there with Coraline as a positive little girl book and recommend buying it for friends, family, and any little girl who needs a strong affirmation that magic, strength and courage are not just for guys.


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