Summer List and Exciting Endings


Summer list Car Pay

For the record I’m not right-handed either; but I had to use it as a hand model.

I didn’t want to take away the splendor of Take Five to announce it Friday, and I didn’t want to lessen the amazingness of this moment by just tacking it on the Take Five.

I am so incredibly happy. Now I am free to use that extra cash for slightly responsible (glasses and dentists) and sometimes frivolous (train tickets) things!

As a big thank you to my car for carrying me on some strange journeys, I gave the little Silver Star (L’Etoile d’Argent) some much-needed TLC. An oil change and a once-over, complete with vacuum. Boy, those floor mats were DIRRRTY!

car tlc floor mats

We have traveled to Vegas a couple times, L.A. more than a couple, Tucson over a dozen, Flagstaff a couple, Prescott more than a dozen, and even though she’s a little worn, I wouldn’t trade her for anything. The big thing that is on my mind now is: now that she’s all paid off, I am allowed to start decorating her, but I am wholly unsure how to go about it. I don’t want it to be too hippie-crazy (like my old one), but I do want something that will express me. I’m thinking it may just be painting black and white scenes , with bits of red. I may have to re-name it the Noir Car!

4 thoughts on “Summer List and Exciting Endings

  1. i miss your old car… so many drives to school… so many trips down to van buren for “the hunt”… le sigh

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