Take Five Friday: Double Tees Edition

The Beau had sent me the “Rirruto” shirt, telling me he wanted to get that one for me, and as I started perusing and thinking about more awesomely almost obscure tees, I kept finding more and more. Thought I would grace you with a Take Ten of tees for the back to school (or maybe wear them under your work shirts) sets:

tshirt poly setshirt info here

Clockwise, from top:

1. The Wire

2. Flight of the Conchords

3. Married with Children

4. Slap Shot

5. Breaking Away (seriously people, go out and netflix this one)

6. Billy Madison (“I hate school and I hate all of you. I’m never coming back, never!”)

7. Rookie of the Year

8. Monster Squad

9. Simpsons (“My son is also named Bort.”)

10. Duck Tales (Please tell me you guys started singing the theme song after you saw what it was?)

Trust me, this is most definitely not the last time I will have a t-shirt post. I have at least a dozen more tees in the closet!! It also gives me some great ideas for more T-shirt Stylings!

Do you have a favorite obscure movie t-shirt?

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