Summer List The Fourth

Secret Letters

Summer List Secret Letters

(I’m not blind-those blue boxes give off quite a blinding light in the heat of the day though!)

okay, well, probably not as secret as I thought.

I am probably the only one who sends letters within my group of friends, so I am pretty positive they all knew it was me, despite the fact that I sent out more than 2 dozen letters and only one person emailed me to tell me they got one (thanks LJ!). Or, maybe I am sneakier than I thought? *devilish grin* If that’s the case, I have some more postal-induced smiles to send!

*sneaks into letter-writing office…actually guest room*

2 thoughts on “Summer List The Fourth

  1. no thank YOU JC (not in a Jesus Christ way, but in a first and middle initial way) i mean… thank you universe… 😀

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