The Fall/Winter List is Here!

Since I decided to mash Fall and Winter together, and I added some of the ones I missed from summer, the poster is chock full of adventures and things to do!

fall list

Some I am extremely excited for (train trip!), some are making my palms sweat just thinking about them (*cough* dentist *cough*). But I know I will have fun and feel accomplished when I cross them off the list!!

First one: New glasses!!

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Take Five Friday: Adorable and Cuddly Friday

I have all these videos piled up and no one to share them with-oh wait, i do!!! All of you! And you shall watch them and say-ZOMG! That was the cutest/cuddliest/adorable thing I have ever seen. And it will be good.


it’s not your speakers, this cat is completely silent.

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Letter to Someone You Admire: Cyrus, Warlord of the Gramercy Riffs

“…It takes a set of brass ones to call all of the rival gangs of NYC together for a massive rally and trust they don’t do anything.”


No, there will be no retribution. Unity and peace is all that matters.

Dear Cyrus,

You wanted to bring everyone together for a talk of peace, which was ended by yet another senseless act of unprovoked violence.

You had ideas of power and self-sufficiency, and some sociopath couldn’t even understand the simple message of unity you tried to bring.

I could dig it. I could pick up what you were laying down. If I had been a member of the Boppers, the Lizzies or even the Electric Eliminators, I would have been there, cheering you on every second of the way.

Luther and the Rogues are a big piece of nothing, and they will never understand your need for unity and peace to rise up against the cops of NYC.

You rock, Cyrus.

Summer List END

Well, today is the official end of summer, and time to trek into fall.

And so I come to my Summer List.

Summer List Closeup Entire

It was so much fun, and actually really motivating, to have my list hanging up for me to always be looking at. Unfortunately, it was also a reminder of some of the things I still haven’t done yet. Some will be put on the back-burner until next summer (water balloon fight), some will make the move to the fall/winter list I have begun. I can’t wait to share the new list for Fall/Winter!

Summer List, Part Six

This one had me a little confused.

I wanted to really surprise the Beau with something great, but he’s so good at figuring me out. So I thought I’d find something completely silly, in the hopes he would laugh out loud.
Him and his sister love Labyrinth even more than I do. The last time they talked about it, he was saying how he thought the worm in the wall was the funniest character, and he wanted a motion activated puppet that talked in his voice. Well, i’m no puppeteer, so I worked with what I had.

So, I bought a worm postcard and he opened it, confused about what I had got him. He liked it.

It was simple, effective, he appreciated it, and all was well.

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