Nom Nom Nom: Easy At Home Mini-Pizzas

mini pizzasPlenty of cheesy meat goodness for all you Bagel Bite converts!

This post is dedicated to all the semi-lazy-yet-motivated bakers.

What You’ll Need:

English muffins (cut in half, of course)

Cheese of your preference (usually mozarella, but you can mix it up with a lil extra sharp and pepperjeck)

Mini pepperonis. The tinier the better because why would you want to bake mini-pizzas with normal sized peps? That flies in the face of logic, man.

Now for the directions (thankfully remembered by the Beau. I was just the Toppings Man.)

Toast just slightly before going into the oven. You want that crunchiness and fully cooked taste, right?

Bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes or until lightly browned, turn oven off and leave in for another 2 min.

BLAMMO! You’re ready to eat! Feel free to spice it up and send me some samples!

4 thoughts on “Nom Nom Nom: Easy At Home Mini-Pizzas

  1. ooh ooh! I’m trying this over the weekend!

    I have a modification for a simple pizza, with a twist… a GARLIC twist! Get a frozen loaf of garlic bread (store bought is always just as good as the name brand), a little marinara sauce (from a jar of course; i’m not some sort of italian chef!), some cheese, toppings, bake as indicated on the package. BLAMMO!

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