Take Five Friday: Labor Day Weekend

What an amazing weekend it’s going to be! With the Labor Day holiday and my regular days off, I will have a four-day weekend! While a lot of it will be thinking of new things to write about here (for all you lovely readers), of course I will have to spend some time having a ball! Here’s what’s on my plate now:

Saturday is Teddy Bear Day, and I will be excited when that’s done, so no one will make “beary special day” quips for another year.

yellow_inspirations kim valleefabulous yellow inspirations

5. There will be a flurry of shopping after work, for a super-top-secret special surprise party for a very special cousin. I am truly excited to surprise her, and to see if i can decorate this party like I imagine it. 🙂

dinner bell pdpDinner Bell Cafe picture thanks to Prescott Area Daily Photo

4. Getting to spend a day in Prescott. With family. I couldn’t ask for a better day off.

wrappingsnotty present wrapping credit

3. Finishing a present for my cousin at ASU. Oh my gosh, she is the coolest, funniest gal you will meet. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet her.

cake n sparksyummy photo credit

2. Sparklers! I still have some leftover from Fourth of July and you better believe a couple will be stuck in the birthday girl’s cake!

cup of jo happy marriage

Happy Marriage Stories, this week on Cup of Jo. (no, i am not married.)

1. Sharing the whole fantabulous weekend with The Beau. Sounds corny but whatever *punch* we’re awesome together and always have tons of fun.

What are you charring over the grill this weekend? 🙂


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