Take Five Friday: Best Kids’ Movies*

Today’s Take Five is five movies I could watch over and over again. They will also be the five movies my kids’ see over and over again. Here in AZ it’s not quite cool enough to grab some hot chocolate, but it’s never the wrong time to grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy these!

wizard-of-ozphoto credit

5. Wizard of Oz – Flying evil monkeys, Munchkin songs, fabulous shoes, and Pink Floyd matchups, all in one movie. You can’t go wrong.

sandlotphoto credit

4. Sandlot – Even if you’re not a boy – even if you’re not a tomboy- this movie hits it out of the park. Boys and the adventures they get into over the summer. And, can I tell you, I had the most major crush on Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez.

lion kingphoto credit(oh hai we’re not posing for dis picture)

3. Lion King. A loose retelling of Hamlet, one of the last exceptional Disney films, and some fantastic songs.

labyrinth-posterphoto credit


2. Labyrinth. If you don’t like this movie, we can’t be friends. This movie accounts for a lot of the strangeness I developed over the years.

anybody-want-a-peanut-the-princess-bridephoto credit

1. Princess Bride. This movie has everything. “Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…”

cj_sevenphoto credit


(H.M.)- CJ7

This is an honorable mention, because although most people haven’t seen it, this movie is wonderful. It might be a little too complex for really young kids (dealing with bullies, death, separating fantasy and reality), but Stephen Chow creates an amazing world where anything is possible.

Other honorable mentions: Toy Story & E.T. (see below)



*Calm down! These are only my Top Five, people. Granted there are about 3 dozen more that I absolutely cherish on this list, but these are the cream of the crop.





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