Summer List Part Five

Well, it’s really coming down to the wire, people. I realized that it is now two weeks until the first day of fall, so it’s time to step up my motivation and get some of this list crossed off!

Next thing up for crossing:

summer list care

My buddy “The Duckster” lives in Hawaii now, and I know he gets a bit homesick for the shenanigans of his mainland friends, so I like to send him little reminders we’re still thinking of him.

drakes care package

I like to send small, strange boxes. This one happens to be a cigar box. He can then recycle it for something cool to show off to the wahines he brings home.

“Oh, this old box? I just keep my pipe tobacco and darts in it. My buddy from the mainland sent it to me.”

How cool does that sound? Anyway, here’s some of the mischief the Beau and I sent him:

  • Polaroid of Tortilla reading a Jimmy Buffett book (the Duckster is a MAJOR Parrothead)
  • A pic of the beau, the Duck and Grits I have been meaning to send him since July (oops!)
  • Some tasty morsels (don’t worry, they’ll be wrapped!)
  • a little tin toy monkey ( I couldn’t believe my good luck that I had found one so small that still clanged cymbals!)
  • Some cool good luck letters (he’s going backpacking in New Zealand, lucky Duck!)
  • A good read

Don’t you wish you could get packages like that? Well, the first step is giving one just as cool. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Summer List Part Five

  1. I want a package! and my birthday present..then I cried, then Lisa cried..Maggie laughed she’s such a little trooper…

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