Your Very Own Treasure Box

Remember the scene in Amelie when she finds a little tin treasure box that had been hidden behind the tiles of her powder room?

amelie and the box

“…Only excavators of Tutankhamen’s tomb could have known what she felt like, uncovering this.”

Or Addie Loggins’ (Tatum O’Neal) keepsake box with the false bottom in Paper Moon?

addies treasure boxaddies treasures inside the box

These were the only things she held on to from her old life with her mother, before her whole life was turned around by a con artist with a heart of gold.

Having to leave a place without all your belongings is traumatic to anyone, yet she took the things that mattered most to her, and they served her well: a picture of her mother, some of her mothers old perfume and jewelry, cigarettes – all little memories that will comfort her and make sure she never loses that part of her.

Whenever I see things like this, such as a character that only has one suitcase of their belongings, it intrigues me. We have been trained in this capitalist society to buy more stuff buy bigger houses to fit more stuff. When does it end? If there was a fire in your gigantic house, would you be running into your bathroom to grab the soaps carved into roses? No, you’d be grabbing a quilt your grandmother made you and your dog (or children, if the case called for it). It’s these things that are most important to us, so why do we need all the other things? Why do we keep unimportant stuff around?

I have started reading Rowdy Kittens, and became very interested in the subject of downsizing. This couple is downsizing their life because they want to be able to move into a tiny house soon. But they have nothing but good things to say about living with less. Why don’t more of us do that? 🙂

I have been inspired to start purging my life as well; the Beau and I are going to have a garage sale to get rid of a lot of stuff, and once the dust settles from that, the real purging can begin.

What would you put in your trinket box?

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