5. Tyson Griffin vs. Hermes Franca

Now, I have a thing (meaning ‘don’t particularly like’) about fighters and their hair. Clay Guida’s hair is so amazing it can’t even be reproduced in a video game. But there’s a difference between keeping your hair long/shaving your head, and dying/bleaching/braiding to be more shocking. Or edgy. Or whatever. I don’t care your argument; to this girl, they’re all invalid.

4. Josh Koscheckvs. Frank Trigg

I’m not a big fan of Koscheck (see the above hair debate), but Frank Trigg seems incredibly wishy-washy about this fight. Like a good worker who is talented at his craft, but he’s a year away from retirement so he’s just coasting. However, ol’ Twinkle Toes might have some magic left.

3. Martin Kampmann vs. Paul Daley

It seems like this one might become interesting. Daley’s got some vicious knockout power in his hands, but Kampmann has managed to pull off some fantastic submissions. If it gets to the ground, Kampmann all the way.

2. Mirko Cro Cop vs. Junior Dos Santos

Santos trains with Noguiera and Anderson Silva. He will definitely be a formidable opponent for Cro Cop. If Cro Cop can beat this guy, he is officially back. But, my bet is on the “Gypsy”.  And for the record, I don’t know why Santos’ nickname is “Cigano” (which roughly means ‘gypsy’ in Portuguese).

1. Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort

Rich Franklin had to get his nose reconstructed (not just ‘oh no worries I got my nose broken but it’ll heal’) after his fight with Anderson Silva, and he keeps coming in full force. That’s an aggression that can help you withstand less-experienced fighters. But “The Phenom,” Vitor Belfort, is no newbie to taking hits. This is going to be a definite great showing, and I am excited to see how it goes. I am rooting for Vitor.

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