Summer List END

Well, today is the official end of summer, and time to trek into fall.

And so I come to my Summer List.

Summer List Closeup Entire

It was so much fun, and actually really motivating, to have my list hanging up for me to always be looking at. Unfortunately, it was also a reminder of some of the things I still haven’t done yet. Some will be put on the back-burner until next summer (water balloon fight), some will make the move to the fall/winter list I have begun. I can’t wait to share the new list for Fall/Winter!

4 thoughts on “Summer List END

  1. That is so cute, what a great idea. I can see where yours would be very motivating, mine would curse my lack of art skills. I can’t wait to see your fall/winter one!

    1. well, i can dream it up in my mind how i want it to look and it will look nothing like it, because my imagination forgets i can’t draw to save my life. stick figures have always helped me.

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