The Fall/Winter List is Here!

Since I decided to mash Fall and Winter together, and I added some of the ones I missed from summer, the poster is chock full of adventures and things to do!

fall list

Some I am extremely excited for (train trip!), some are making my palms sweat just thinking about them (*cough* dentist *cough*). But I know I will have fun and feel accomplished when I cross them off the list!!

First one: New glasses!!

old and busted to new hotness glassesthe old ones have old-timey arms and cracked lenses, to prove how old and busted they truly were.

I have finally got a new prescription, and it’s like the world has begun anew. Everything is so sharp and clear, it’s a wonder how I managed with my old ones!

new glasses1

Now that I have my new prescription in hand, I’m heading over to an online glasses site and trying out some Buddy Holly-style glasses! Pictures to come!

I definitely recommend getting new glasses at least every two years; did you know quite a few headaches are caused by old glasses?

3 thoughts on “The Fall/Winter List is Here!

  1. I love your new glasses, they look great on you! Your new board is adorable, good luck getting it all done! What is the tree (?) one next to the dentist. I’m going to use my imagination and guess it’s watching the leaves change color?

  2. I love u and this and ur new glasses are awesome plus the new new ones are gonna look great!
    P.S. thanks for helping me clean!!!!!!!!! ur the bestest!!!!!!!1

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