Movie Review: Whip It!

Whip-It-PosterBabe Ruthless (photo credit)

Go see this movie. Stop reading this, turn off your computer, and go see this movie. This is writing acting and -dare I say?- debut directing at its best. Everyone in this movie is a woman role model (hell, even Juliette Lewis is an amazing “villain”), and it will leave you empowered. You will feel happy to be a women, proud of the fact that men weren’t the BIG deal in this movie, and yes, you will be thinking of what your own roller derby name would be. Trust me ladies, take your daughters, sisters, friends, and potential lovers to this movie. If they don’t like it and you do, check them into the boards, figuratively speaking.

p.s. I also recommend reading the book “Derby Girl.” Written by Shauna Cross, the screenwriter for the movie, she makes you feel included in Bliss’ world.

UPDATE: I am giving a task to all my amazing readers: Go see the movie. Here is a quote from the feminist Beau about the consequences of not supporting this film:

“We say we want more movies with strong female characters, but if obvious garbage like Surrogates can outdraw Whip It, then why would the studios greenlight any new projects?



All you women, all you’re going to get is Sex and the City sequels and you know what? You’ll deserve it.


If you don’t go see Whip It, you deserve your shitty Kate Hudson/Sandra Bullock/Jen Aniston rom-coms.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with Sex and the City, but there needs to be more variety, don’t you agree, my open-minded mavens?

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