Take Five Friday: How Novel!

Very cool, random little oddities:

4. Peacock chair. Using sensors, this chair senses when someone sits down and the peacock feathers unfold into a full plume!

3. “World Cinema,” a short film by the Coen Brothers. This tiny little movie inspires me to not give up hope on making short films of my own. They give me hope that there is a creative way of conveying emotion, develop characters and have a complete beginning, middle and end in something so small.

2. Cloud Appreciation Society. I think becoming a member will be put on my list of things to do this fall, as well as a quirky present for a friend’s birthday. I will then belong to three very random societies.

1. I love this video. It’s as if the girl in the Miss Dior Cherie commercial had a little girl and they lived in a magical house.

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