Take-Five Friday: Not Your Average Cabin/Inn/Motel

In honor of just getting back from vacation, what better way to live vicariously than to start planning the next one? 🙂 I have picked five “Roadside Attraction” accommodations that are a definite don’t-miss!

me and jim bathroomI finally found the pic of Jim and me!

5. Alta Cienega (aka Jim Morrison’s Motel) The Beau and I stayed here last year when we went to the Natasha Schneider benefit concert with QOTSA. Very cool. If you are looking for a pampering, tranquil home-away-from-home, this is not it. This was the perfect place for us to stay going to an awesome rock concert though. We booked the Jim Morrison room (an extra $10) and were flabbergasted by the room. How could he have lived in this tiny space for two years?! Every inch of the room has now become a mecca for poems, lyrics (of course) and peoples’ own brand of Peace, Love and Music.

TikiBus shadydellThe Psycho Beach Party dream of a Tiki bus

4.The Shady Dell I have not been here yet (I’m a little sad they don’t allow dogs), but everyone that has been here says I need to go! Take your pick between eleven different quarters, including Airstreams, Rita yacht and even a Tiki Bus! As you can probably tell, they each have a theme: cherries, Western, Tiki – it’s a mid-century mecca! (p.s. you can’t go all the way down there without eating at Dot’s Diner – a true greasy spoon!)

wigwam reflectionwigwam key

3. Wigwam Motel Remember in the movie “Cars,” Lightning McQueen’s Love interest Sally Carrera operated the Cozy Cone Car Motel? This place is like that, but for people. This place is the epitome of kitschy roadside attractions. I am totally going up there for a picnic and buying one of those key rings!

lovenestmadonna inn

2. Madonna Inn The amazing blogger Agent Lover has done a couple photo shoots here and completely hooked me. I just have to save up some money for the biggest, kitschiest suite! Lots of red, ornate furniture and touches (or tidal waves) of pink-I will be eating lots of strawberries and cream here!

rustic cabins

photo courtesy of Lazy Meadow’s website

1. Kate’s Lazy Meadow. This one is for all you East Coasters that complain I don’t list anything for you. Don’t say I never gave you anything. This is owned by Kate Pierson (Ms. Redhead of the B-52s) and her partner (yes, that kind of partner) Monica. Although I most likely won’t get there anytime soon (barring a lottery win or something equally lucky), it still is a fantastic getaway for those a bit closer. I will definitely be perusing the website, getting ideas for an effortlessly cool 50’s decor ideas though!

What is your favorite weird motel you’ve stayed in?

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