Childhood Toys

I love asking my friends random questions, because I get varied answers, and get to know how similar some of them are, despite me meeting them in different places and times in my life.

Childhood toys you wished you still had:

Seattle: sense of wonder

Tucson: glow worm

Grosse Point: kermit with velcro hands

Lubbock Redhead: playdough factory

The Greek: pffft, never got rid of them.

Prescott: lite brite

LZ: there isn’t a name for it weird see-saw puzzle sphere

Al: water babies

Club Coco: monchichi, teddy ruxpin and spirograph or gak

Across the Street: “four letters: TMNT”

Georgia Grits: my bike

Wyoming: sega genesis

Viking: glow worm

My favorite answer is The Greek’s. I still have my blankie I’ve owned since before I was even born. I guess it doesn’t technically count as a toy, but I used to make forts with it a LOT.

What is a chilhood toy you miss?

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