June Clever: DIY Dish Towels

You thought I forgot about her, didn’t you?

Well, she’s ba-ack! June Clever is at it again!

oct 13 008

This time she’s re-vamping your dish towels.

I love dish towels. Not only are they better for the environment than throwing away paper towels, you can also find some pretty awesome/cute/funny looking ones. I have fond memories of my grandma’s always smelling like tamales and tortillas, because she would use clean ones to wrap them and keep them warm.

dish towel

I was inspired by the Purl Bee to make some of my own, but as I am not too adept with the sewing machine yet…so, I’m starting small.

My new favorite toy is this set of rolling stamps I got from SkyBluePink. Or as I call them, my extremely portable printing press. There are two different font sizes, so for visual sake I used the bigger size for the towels.

I bought a handful of plain white towels. I used plain white because A) They are the least expensive; B) I can dye them the same color as my current kitchen; C) This particular idea works well with a plain background.

dish towel and stamp

The rest was left up to my imagination. The Beau and I have an inside joke about “Arson Brownies” (“the sound of sirens means they’re done!”), so I thought that would make a cute one.

dish towel press hard dammit

Or you can label them what they can be used for: “Drying Hands,” “Dishes,” “Counter Spills.” But I like to be able to use them for whatever. The best part is, if you mess up, it’s like temporary hair dye-it washes out in a couple of washes. if you do end up liking it, you can always use a permanent ink or spray it with a washable-safe, non-toxic sealer.

dish towel voila

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