Take Five Friday: Halloween Phantasm

Today’s Take Five, in honor of All Hallow’s Eve being tomorrow, is dedicated to mostly jack o lanterns, but also a couple amazing spook houses!scaryass pumpkin

5. This cool, dark-detecting, LED-lit jack-o-lantern! Learn how to make your own here!

scary-pumpkin-carving-toolsthose tools look especially scary.

4. Learn everything you need to know about pumpkin-carving, including how to make your own stencils, on Squidoo!

jackscutest couple ever.

3. Extremely intricate pumpkin designs.

frank_stencilFrank stencil on ReadyMade

2. If jamming your hand into a gooey pumpkin doesn’t sound like your kind of fun, make some sack o’ lanterns!

phan via blogphoto via blog, courtesy of Kyle Wood)

1. The man who runs Secret Fun Spot (he’s also written a book about the old magic stuff you used to be able to buy in comic books) also made this blog about this capital A-mazing Phantasmagoria ride at Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa. Take a look through the site and notice all the details that went into making this ride back in the day.

Don’t forget to check out the dollhouse transformed into a haunted house!

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