Nom Nom Nom: Eggs

Comic by natalie dee.

I love eggs. Almost as much as I like cheese.

(Oh, who am I kidding – there’s nothing that comes close to cheese.)

I have enjoyed so many eggs over the years from so many different people, most of them terrific. But it’s the ones that are made not to your liking that stay with you. Let me take you on a journey through this girl’s road-test of a couple of scrambled eggs.

First of all, scrambled eggs do not, will not, should not have any cream or milk added.Not just for the lactose-intolerant of the crowd, but also because you it doesn’t belong in the eggs. If you want milk so bad, pour a glass while your making the eggs or something.

Second, air is the only thing you should add to eggs while cooking. You season the eggs after they are cooked. You can add things like chives or veggies if you absolutely have to, but they are usually reserved for omelets crazy. That’s a  completely different post.

The American Egg Board (yes, eggs are so cool they have a website, and yes, Incredible Edible Eggs are on Twitter) describes well-beaten eggs as “frothy and evenly colored“. When your eggs match that description (generally after about 1-2 minutes) you should stop beating.

So. What You Will Need:

– eggs (I usually have two and some sort of bread and I’m good)

– whisk, frying pan and spatula

– something in which to grease the pan. You can use a little dollop of butter or grease. Let me say this: yes, the grease is unhealthier but i only eat eggs when I’m planning on being active and using those proteins for good, so i enjoy a TINY bit o grease. Plus, we’re almost out of butter so i didn’t want to waste it.

I tried two different ways I had not cooked before in order to test out all the crazy different ways. First up was the “French” way. The main thing that apparently makes this French is that you separate the white and yolk. You don’t want to overcook the yolk, otherwise your eggs fall flat. Some people say to cook eggs at a lower temperature for a longer time, but to each his own. Cooking at medium is perfectly acceptable, especially for this impatient Pepper. One temperature you don’t want to cook at is High. Flash-frying eggs, though it sounds like a great idea, is actually only the quickest way to get soggy-in-the-middle eggs. I shudder to think.

keep ’em separated.

Whisk the whites until they are frothy. I only had one egg, so it didn’t take long at all. Pour it in the pan and let it set a little bit.

wait for it…wait for it…NOW! Pour the whisked yolk on top!

By now the pan has warmed up enough that after this you won’t need but a few swipes of the spatula and you’re done. Well, depending on how runny you like your eggs. I keep mine on a little longer than most.

For the second egg, i just scrambled the whole kit n kaboodle together, at lightning speed and at an angle, to allow a lot of air to move into them:

Yes, I was listening to the Green Hornet Theme while whisking.

Then you just cook it until it is done to your liking.

On to the taste test.

Another note, try NOT to salt and/or pepper your eggs until you after you take the first bite.

Here’s my opinion: If I would have switched the order I made these in, I would have. the 2nd “whupped” eggs would have benefited from the greased flavor, while the French ones were fluffy and tasty enough not to need anything except a dash of sea salt.

There you have it, eggs. People think you can’t screw ’em up until someone makes you a very WRONG one. Don’t let it happen to you.

Fall List: Garage Sale

fall list garage saleI have no idea why this guy has a Little Boy Regular.

So, The Beau and I hosted a garage sale last month to get rid of some stuff while making a little extra money. Considering we were just gonna donate the stuff to savers anyway, we made some good money. I also got rid of my old computer that we weren’t using. It feels good to purge all that stuff. It especially feels good knowing that I won’t have to lug it into a new place when we move in two weeks.

The Week of Blah

Forget Tao of Pooh; I want to be as content as Tortilla is.

I really haven’t been up to snuff this week. Maybe it’s the seriously cold weather finally rolling in (my fingers hurt to type!), or the fact that I’m anxious about moving.
In any fashion…
this week was brought to you by:

Metallica’s cover of Nick Cave’s “Loverman” (which I like better than the original-my guilty pleasure)

The Dead Weather’s “So Far From Your Weapon.” Geez – could Alison Mosshart be anymore badass?

Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” This video is from SESAME STREET. So cool:

Queens of the Stone Age performing  “Hanging Tree.” I want Mark Lanegan and Tom Waits to sing me bedtime stories.

and lastly, Tom Waits’ “Green Grass”

This is all I listened to this last week.

Maybe it would improve my mood to listen to something a bit more uptempo. What do you suggest? I’m always up for a Karen O Dance Party!

Pepper Calls It: UFC 106


All my picks are in bold.

Tito Ortiz v Forrest Griffin

I don’t know how much of a “Bad Boy” you can be, coming from Huntington Beach, but maybe he steals surfer’s boards while they’re showering. Harshing everyone’s buzzes by head-butting them with his giant orange on a toothpick. In any account, I think it will be a pretty good fight, until Forrest gets crazy and KO’s him. Then he’ll mug like an adorably beat-up Keebler Elf and I will know that reading his book was a good choice. Actually, win or lose, I recommend his book. It’s pretty darn funny, but also really helpful.

Josh “Kos” Koscheck v. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

As I have stated before, bleached hair is a big contributing factor to my decisions. So no Kos, I hope Rumble can bring the pain. Wrestler versus a striker, we shall see.

Paulo Thiago v. Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann

He’s coming from a loss from one of the friends of boring, so he’s hungry to win again. On the other hand, Mr. Xmas is brand new and ready to show us that he’s in it for keeps.

Luiz “Banha” Cane v. Antonio “Minotouro”  Noguiera (or as he is referred to in my house: “Little Nog”)

Luiz isn’t built to battle a Nog. Minotouro han’t lost a fight in three years. Plus, Banha enjoys throwing illegal kicks. You gotta play by the rules if you’re going to win.

Amir Sadollah v. Phil “New York Bad Ass” Baroni

Despite that he didn’t feel like his usual bad-mouthing, trash-talking, I still think he’s got some steam for another great hit. Sadollah might try to gas him early, but with only two wins in his UFC career to Baroni’s 13, he’s as green as you could grab.


Fall List: Candy and Photobooths

fall list photoboothAnother thing to cross off my list: Photobooth Love!

I brought my sis and sis-in-law to Smeeks, a downtown Phoenix sweets shop! It’s filled with candies, treat and all sorts of little goodies!

smeeks where you enterthis is where you ‘start,’ or enter. I love Candyland sooo much!

smeeksNotice in the very back left…A PHOTOBOOTH! I was so excited until I realized I had no paper money with which to operate said booth. I was so sad. Luckily, my sister saved the day and invited me in. We got some goofy pics!

If you live in the area, have a vintage sweet tooth, or just like photobooths it is definitely worth the drive! Check out their blog with sister store frances here.

A tip though: for $5, you get 8 poses, and doubles of your pics. So don’t take 4 pictures and get out of the booth!

p.s. find a photobooth near you and send me some copies!