Outfit and An Album, Part One

I somehow stumbled upon this website and was awed by most everything she had on there, but the tag “A Dress and a Gig Poster,” from which I took my title, was my favorite. They don’t have to be the same pattern, but generally the same colors, but most importantly, the same kind of mood. I really liked this.

So, I thought I’d do a little homage. But instead of limiting myself to just gig posters, I decided to do album covers as well. The reason? This first example:

judas priest setJudas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance.” This cover was just begging for someone to compare a dress to it. Have no fear, I will fulfill! This shoe makes me swoon as well; it fits so perfect as a talon I could scream!

wedding setHerb Alpert. The album cover that launched a thousand whipped cream fantasies, made wearable as a wedding dress. I even added the rose earrings to match the one Dolores Erickson holds.

amanda palmer set

Who Killed Amanda Palmer. It was probably her killer sense of style. Was that too much? Okay, I’ll try and rein in the cheese-factor.bloc party set

bloc party gig poster, with some seriously graphic shoes and a dress that positively purrs.

beach boys set

Best of the Beach Boys. Plaid, khaki, and the ever-cool beach.

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