Take Five Friday: Achievable Dreams

This Friday, I want to take you on a little trip inside your brain. But, for this example, we will be going through my brain.

Achievable dreams are the kind of daydreams that are constrained by time and money. That may sound really negative, but, it is in fact a spectacular way to start daydreaming if you have got out of the habit. Starting with just five things is an excellent way to not get overwhelmed, either. So, this week’s Take Five will be things that I can easily achieve within the first four months of the new year.

veggiesphoto credit

  • growing then eating veggies from garden (which will help in my longer achievable goal of losing some weight). I can only hope it will be as productive as Ramsey’s!

brunchphoto credit

  • throwing a housewarming party at the end of February. It would be fun to have a breakfast brunch (waffle toppings! mimosas! chocolate in the morning!) with a bunch of friends.

az road tripphoto credit

  • impromptu weekend trip. I would love to pack up the car (or borrow a heavier-duty vehivle if going off-road) and “rough it” for a weekend with my two favorite boys. Although one still may need a sweater on a cold forest night.

shoot setupphoto credit

  • photoshoot. I’m not sure what I want the shoot to entail (night shots? backlighting project? balloons?) but making photoshoot ideas will help me achieve my last goal of

gear shotphoto credit

  • getting a new camera. I am lucky to have several very prestigous photojournalist friends, and so I get the pleasure of picking their brains on best camera options.

What are your top 5 in the future attainable dreams?

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