Fall List: Candy and Photobooths

fall list photoboothAnother thing to cross off my list: Photobooth Love!

I brought my sis and sis-in-law to Smeeks, a downtown Phoenix sweets shop! It’s filled with candies, treat and all sorts of little goodies!

smeeks where you enterthis is where you ‘start,’ or enter. I love Candyland sooo much!

smeeksNotice in the very back left…A PHOTOBOOTH! I was so excited until I realized I had no paper money with which to operate said booth. I was so sad. Luckily, my sister saved the day and invited me in. We got some goofy pics!

If you live in the area, have a vintage sweet tooth, or just like photobooths it is definitely worth the drive! Check out their blog with sister store frances here.

A tip though: for $5, you get 8 poses, and doubles of your pics. So don’t take 4 pictures and get out of the booth!

p.s. find a photobooth near you and send me some copies!

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