Pepper Calls It: UFC 106


All my picks are in bold.

Tito Ortiz v Forrest Griffin

I don’t know how much of a “Bad Boy” you can be, coming from Huntington Beach, but maybe he steals surfer’s boards while they’re showering. Harshing everyone’s buzzes by head-butting them with his giant orange on a toothpick. In any account, I think it will be a pretty good fight, until Forrest gets crazy and KO’s him. Then he’ll mug like an adorably beat-up Keebler Elf and I will know that reading his book was a good choice. Actually, win or lose, I recommend his book. It’s pretty darn funny, but also really helpful.

Josh “Kos” Koscheck v. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

As I have stated before, bleached hair is a big contributing factor to my decisions. So no Kos, I hope Rumble can bring the pain. Wrestler versus a striker, we shall see.

Paulo Thiago v. Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann

He’s coming from a loss from one of the friends of boring, so he’s hungry to win again. On the other hand, Mr. Xmas is brand new and ready to show us that he’s in it for keeps.

Luiz “Banha” Cane v. Antonio “Minotouro”  Noguiera (or as he is referred to in my house: “Little Nog”)

Luiz isn’t built to battle a Nog. Minotouro han’t lost a fight in three years. Plus, Banha enjoys throwing illegal kicks. You gotta play by the rules if you’re going to win.

Amir Sadollah v. Phil “New York Bad Ass” Baroni

Despite that he didn’t feel like his usual bad-mouthing, trash-talking, I still think he’s got some steam for another great hit. Sadollah might try to gas him early, but with only two wins in his UFC career to Baroni’s 13, he’s as green as you could grab.


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