The Week of Blah

Forget Tao of Pooh; I want to be as content as Tortilla is.

I really haven’t been up to snuff this week. Maybe it’s the seriously cold weather finally rolling in (my fingers hurt to type!), or the fact that I’m anxious about moving.
In any fashion…
this week was brought to you by:

Metallica’s cover of Nick Cave’s “Loverman” (which I like better than the original-my guilty pleasure)

The Dead Weather’s “So Far From Your Weapon.” Geez – could Alison Mosshart be anymore badass?

Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” This video is from SESAME STREET. So cool:

Queens of the Stone Age performing  “Hanging Tree.” I want Mark Lanegan and Tom Waits to sing me bedtime stories.

and lastly, Tom Waits’ “Green Grass”

This is all I listened to this last week.

Maybe it would improve my mood to listen to something a bit more uptempo. What do you suggest? I’m always up for a Karen O Dance Party!

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