Take Five Friday: Winter Checklist

Over the past couple weeks, the weather has finally dove into winter (thanks, global warming) and all I can think about is all the things I need to stay comfortable in my most hated of seasons.

The most awesome tights. Photo Credit

1. Tights. Because the best thing about living in the desert is wearing only tights on my legs while the rest of the country is wearing multiple layers. (Once again, global warming.)

There are seriously no good long john pictures out there. Here’s Stimpy’s butt.
2. Long johns. Ok, the middle of the wintry day was made for tights, but all the rest of the time it’s these babies under my jeans!
They’re not the most attractive things in the world, but hell, it’s all about warmth til you’re naked under the covers! Which brings me to my next point…

so snuggly.

3. Flannel/Plaid sheets. Seeing that whole set up there makes me want to take a running dive into the bed. In the summer there’s nothing better than slipping into bed under nice cool sheets; in winter, nothing comforts you to sleep faster than a pile of flannel. Ok, a hot toddy might make you get to sleep faster.

photo credit

4. Hot chocolate. Nothing warms you up like hot chocolate. Although I prefer the big marshmallow to the small ones.


5. Holiday Issues of Real Simple, Esquire and Elle

Learn how to throw an awesome holiday party, entertain kids of any age, how to creatively wrap presents, and how to be a fashionable gift giver and party-goer (no velvet required). Poring through these magazines always gives me glee, but it seems they save their best tidbits for an end of the year mind-blow. I can’t even rip them up there are too many good ideas.

What are some things you have on hand to welcome cold weather? If any of you mention shorts, I will be forced to slap you with my frozen hand.

2 thoughts on “Take Five Friday: Winter Checklist

  1. haha I love this its soo you!! but it has been getting rather chilly lately!!! I love to dress in winter clothes though!

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