Best of 2009: Trip

I saw this idea and thought it would be a very cool way to reflect on this past year.

I decided I would (unofficially, because I for some reason can’t upload her website) be a part of Gwen Bell’s “Best of 2009;” a fabulous idea from a fabulous woman.

The first post topic is: What was a memorable trip you took this year?

Well, I would definitely have to say my trip with The Beau to New Mexico. We got to take the train there, hang out with my family, see the Balloon Festival, eat our way through town, and even have time to relax a bit. It was a magical 4 days, and I wish it was longer, but what can you do?

It definitely beat out trip #1 of the year: Southern Cali AAA Sales thingy. The only plus of that entire trip was the amazing hotel across the street from the beach in San Juan de Capistrano. If I had been with family, friends or The Beau, it would have been amazing! But, for the sake of brevity, let’s just say the person I had to work with was a bit too uptight for my tastes.

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