Best of 2009: Article

The ongoing “Best of 2009” idea continues with: What article you read this year that blew you away?

For me, it would definitely be this one from Esquire entitled “The Falling Man,” by Tom Junod. Although it was originally published in 2003, they republished online in early September, for the 9/11 anniversary.

It really spoke to me first with the picture. A warning to those who click on the link above: there is no gore or violence, but it is an extremely evocative image.

I applaud Junod’s depiction of the subject and photographer in a light that keeps you calm enough to read the story, but at the end filled with…something. Or a mix of everything. Resistance to turn away, freedom, endless fear, complacent, astonishment at someone facing death. You almost have to go back and read it again.

In the days that followed my first reading, I couldn’t get the picture out of my head, and I ended up reading it once more. Since then I haven’t read it, but as soon as I saw this “Best of 2009 Article” category, this one instantly popped into my mind.

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