Take Five Friday: In the Mood…to Move

Thank goodness for the Best of 2009 blogs!

Having all these posts pour out has helped me get back into the groove of writing, even in the midst of a hectic schedule!

Between work and birthdays and holidays, we are smack dab in the process of MOVING! Yikes. We signed a lease that if we decide to move again, it will be at the end of January. No more holiday moving, that’s for sure.

With moving on my mind, here are some moving/home/design things I have been throwing around my brain for a little while:

photo credit

5. Abandoned couches set on flickr. I wish there were more pictures, and I think I might want to start a set too! UPDATE: I FOUND THE POOOOL!

photo credit

4. Starting The Fall Cure in our new place! I feel like I’m kind of cheating since I will be starting with an essentially blank canvas, but I still need help in making sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. Like making the dining room table my craft table.

3. Checklist frenzy- one of the many things I like about moving is the fact I get to make another list to check off!

2. Looking through my Favorites on Flickr for design inspiration. it’s like The Selby, but unpretentious and personally curated by moi!

1. I commissioned the ever-awesome Ramsey to make a “change of address” card we could send out to friends and family and – no surprise – they are so coooool! I was over the moon when she sent me the pic.

For more in the mood to decorate tips, also see this awesome post from Gala Darling!

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