Best of 2009: Rush

Rush. When did you get your best rush of the year?

Yes, it’s adrenaline’s compound essence. And the jewel of this awesome necklace.

Best Rush of the year.

On a more serious note, this question is tough. I get a lot of rushes. I like doing things that scare me, even if I obsess and freak out beforehand. I like doing them because they help me grow, and I learn more about myself.

For this year, my list of rushes is as follows: 

  • always-thrilling rush of going to a concert and not getting completely trampled
  • talking on tv
  • traveling out of the city by myself
  • reconnecting with a lot of old friends
  • reading scary books
  • getting emotionally invested in MMA so when fight nights come around, I get so excited


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