Take Five Friday: My Mom Edition

Today is my mother’s birthday so in honor of her, I thought I would list the 5 Most Awesome Things She has Done in the Last Year:

5. Hiked the Grand Canyon. She’s turning into a hiking machine. I wouldn’t even be able to hike the Canyon and she could probably skip outta there.

4. Took care of my sister-in-law out of the hospital. When she broke her neck, she needed a LOT of care. My mom stepped in and had her and my sister stay at her house for almost two months while she recuperated. It takes a lot of patience to deal with that.  

3. Got said sister in law a boob cake for her birthday. No, it’s even more awesome than you’re thinking.

2. Had a “Punch Drunk Love” Party in honor of her and my stepdad’s 10th anniversary. Every had boxing names, played wii boxing, got hammered, and i think at one point did the Thriller dance. It was magical.

1. #1 always, she’s an ear, a shoulder and so much more. She’s a badass mom in every sense of the word. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. These are only the highlights of the year.

Happy Birthday, Margarita Mama.

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