No Resolutions Here

Last night I decided to create an inspiration board to carry me throughout this year, and keep my focus on the things that are especially important to me.


I love/adore/drool over quotes, I find them very uplifting. So of course I like to be surrounded by a few favorites and a few new totally awesome ones. I also have big plans for some big changes in 2009 regarding le look du jessie.

I don’t like to hold myself to keeping all the goals (I have way too many that involve changing habits that have ingrained themselves in me for a number of years) I design for myself. It lets a little of the guilt off if I don’t get to check something off my list. But makes me excited for all of the possibilities.

Traveling, Bettering, Helping, Fun.

That is my mantra this year.

Where are you going? How is this bettering yourself? Is there anything you can do to help?

Among the regular health goals of losing weight and fixing my teeth, I have some deeply personal ones that I will keep private. What me? Keep something to myself? Imagine! I know. But don’t worry, i have plenty to share with you, such as:

  • getting at least one new tattoo. It’s sad the only thing holding me back from a floodgate of tattoos is money.
  • writing (well, completing) at least one of my short stories and self-publishing it via blurb
  • having some giveaways and surveys on my blog. I want to connect more with my readers and would love to know what you want to see me write about.
  • traveling. Preferably not for work, and hopefully extremely, unforgettably fun. Disneyland, Hawaii, north, south, east, west, wherever!

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