Take Five Friday: So Very Cold

Although the title is a misnomer compared to the rest of the U.S. (even Florida had a cold spell while we were up to 76 in some parts of the state), I’ve been in a rut of sad, wintry grey-blahs.

So I will be taking five to remind myself that some fun spring things are right around the corner.

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5. Spring Training – lawn seats, seeing th A’s with The Beau, beer, and most importantly BALLPARK PRETZELS!

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 4. Hiking, playing darts on the patio and being outside in general.

3. Making plans for adventures


2. My semi-SAD ending. Hard to think of someone living in a place that has sunshine 300 days out of the year could have any sort of winter depression seems obvious, but it happens every year around november, and it goes away by march. It can’t just be holiday stress.

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1. Planning things to do with friends. Game Nights, scavenger hunts, camping and road trips, photo shoots and mini-movies. You name it, I’m planning it for my friends. With fantastic invitation flyers to go with it.

2 thoughts on “Take Five Friday: So Very Cold

  1. I like your five reasons. I was thinking about this for a while and came up with these in no particular order.

    1.) Home Stretch – Spring Break! After of which reminds me there’s only about 6 weeks of school afterward.

    2.) Playoffs Baby – I am assuming the Suns will make the playoffs (once we figure out how to keep leads).

    3.) Shorts – I like shorts a lot. I also like having tan legs and tan lines on my feet from wearing flip flops.

    4.) Windows down – This may not apply as much here the 602, but when I lived in Oklahoma, I LOVED being able to drive with the windows down. Letting my hair blow around, when I had longer hair of course. I also enjoyed blasting some music that no one would enjoy. I don’t know how many times I blasted The Mars Volta next to a group of people listening to the most popular hip-hop song of the week.

    5.) Water etc – Lakes. BBQs. Beer. Boats. Kites. And most importantly all together such as: Drinking a beer on a boat that is on the lake. In my other hand I am flying a kite. Head back to the beach to eat a delicious burger.

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