Take Five Friday: Relax and Laugh

I don’t know if it’s the crazy weather we’ve been having, the post-holiday, pre-spring blues or what but people around me have been acting jangled, tossed and frazzled. So, I thought I would list some easy ways, and a link to more “unconventional” ways, to de-stress, relax, and have a laugh.

photo by the amazing Color Me Katie
5. Jogging/running/meditation. I find that if I’m really stressed, running to the point of lung burst/exhaustion is marvelous. After, you can’t really think about anything but breathing.
snuggles during 4th of July fireworks.
4. Cuddling with a pet. Of course everyone knows all the amazing benefits of having a pet, but even just playing with a pet, even if it isn’t yours. If I’m away from my Tortilla, I like to go for a walk for the chance to at least interact with another dog. Most dogs that go on walks are extremely friendly, and leave you with a mellow, relaxed feeling.
3.  Funny face exercises. One of my friends offered this up as a way he relaxes. I thought it’s just because the faces are so comical, but he said it also helps because it forces him to focus on something else than his stress. Very cool.
2. An awesome link for more unconventional ways to relax. And another one.
Cleese’s laugh at 1:16 makes my day.
1. Laughter Yoga. I had watched this show (all of the other stories on it are fascinating, too) a while ago and had completely forgotten Laughter Yoga until I read the Zen Habits link. This instantly popped back into my brain, and I am now determined to do this with a bunch of friends. Although, when a lot of us get together, it doesn’t take much for real laughter to start. 

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