After-Christmas List

So, the holidays were good to me. I love being together with family and the special surprises I receive. That being said, my year-long Christmas List to myself is as follows:and yes, i did mean to cover up that chick’s face with a bottle. She was giving me a wonky eye. Item details here.

  • A stocked-with-my-favorites bar. Yes, those are my three favorites: Rum, Amaretto and Whisky
  • New flip-flops for a new summer. Unfortunately, those awesome Reef ones with the stash place (and a pen!) are men’s, and it’s extremely hard to find tiny men’s sandals.
  • Black bunny ears. I have almost every other color, but some green or red ones would also be welcome.
  • Ice Cream Cart and Dress. Why would I want an ice cream cart? So I could make some money by being strange and I get to wear an awesome uniform!
  • Polaroid Film. I’m going to ask for this every chance I get.
  • Red Bowtie. For Paul Reubens Day, for dressing up everyday t-shirts, a red bow tie is a wardrobe essential.
  • Vintage “Ultimate Fighting” shirt. it looks like it would be impossibly soft, and you guys know how I love my mixed martial arts.
  • Red Tulle skirt. Tulle makes any day a magical party day. I am seriously considering the above outfit to wear to my first IRL MMA match. Because I’m crazy.
  • New tattoo. It’s been too long and I miss the sublime sting of etching something into my flesh. I have a lot of ideas, and was thinking about trying a new shop. Anyone have any suggestions?
  •  NASA’s original “Failure is not an option” shirt. Cuz if NASA can’t do it…nobody (except Jodie Foster) can.

What’s on your “must-get” list this year?

2 thoughts on “After-Christmas List

  1. I will keep my eyes and ears open for some orange and purple bunny ears. Black is great don’t get me wrong, but you know how I feel about the orange and purple.

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