Natural Highs, Part Two

14. Watching the sunrise. Preferably after a night of fun and joyfulness.

15. Champagne. Grapes are natural, right? 🙂

16. The first time you put on New Socks. I hate socks and shoes, but slipping on a brand new pair of socks is awesome.

17. Having someone play with your hair. Seriously, if you disagree, you have never had someone massage your head.

18. Running through sprinklers. Make sure it is summer though. Natural highs and frostbite don’t mix.

19. Finding things from last winter in your coat. Like $20, or magical earrings you had chalked up to lost.

20. Rain in the desert. The creosote bushes create a smell that can intoxicate (or nauseate, if you hate smiles and life) and make any desert dweller happy.

21. Fresh towels/pants/sheets out of the dryer.

22. Taking a mystery drive on a cool night.

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