Take Five Friday: Food

Since it’s the Chocolate Festival this weekend and I will be working 12-hour days around chocolate and kettle corn, all I can think about is eating it all. Top Five Things I Wish Were Healthy:

Goo Heaven. (picture from my Flickr)

5. Smores. Marshmallows, chocolate (see below) and graham crackers equal happiness for the 10-year-old in me, and the 25-year-old in me. I just wish all that gooey, smiel inducing fun was healthy enough to eat multiples at a time.

4. Buttered Popcorn. I know plain popcorn is very healthy, one of the healthiest snacks besides the obvious nuts and what-not. But you add a little butter and bam-the health factor is sucked right out. A little butter can’t be all bad…can it?

3. My Signature Baked Mac n Cheese. I love this even more than regular Kraft processed mac n cheese because you can bake it so the top cheese is crispy, but the inside is gushing with cheese. I also add kosher salt and a pinch of pepper so there’s an extra zing. But talk about calories. I could eat one little slice and that would count as all my calories for the day, and possibly into the next day.

2. Chocolate in Large Doses. They say chocolate (dark is the best) in small doses does wonders for your mood and your heart. But what about when you sit down with a tub of popcorn and big thing of Reese’s/mm’s/kisses and go to town? it makes you a little shamed, instead of healthy.

1. Pizza. Everyday I hope against hope that a new study will find that pizza is one of the heart-healthiest, spare-tire-trimmingest food you can eat. Until that day comes and it magically becomes healthy, I will eat you and then go to the gym.

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