Take Five Friday: Greek Dressing Edition

In honor of Percy Jackson and the Greek Night my friend and I are celebrating, my Take Five this week is how to infuse a little Greek into your own life.

set details here

5. Clothing – Gladiator and easy strappy sandals, flowing embroidered tunics, Caesar style headbands winged shoes – They’re all a part of dressing the Greek part.

4. Jewelry. Bunches of bangles, statuesque profile rings and images of nature are a few Grecian staples. Don’t weigh yourself down by all at once. Depending on your mood, your neckline and your wallet, wear one piece at a time, or simple combinations.

3. Body. Olive oil, a staple in any good Greek’s arsenal, is not only good for cooking but fantastic for the outside of your body as well. Make an olive oil hair mask to smooth flyaways, split ends and dry hair. Dab a bit of warmed oil on your nails to soften cuticles before your manicure. If you’re feeling very productive, try this recipe for olive oil body butter!

2. Mind. There must have been something in the ancient Aegean that produced stimulants for the brain, because boy howdy did the Greeks philosophize. (Did I just say ‘boy howdy’ and ‘philosophize’ in the same sentence. wow.) Plato, Aristotle, Socrates (So-crates if you’re cool) and even their plays were deep and had philosophical playwrights behind them. When I was younger, Greek myths were my best friends. I was obsessed with all the powers the gods and all the thousands of demi-gods’ possessed. I also have a Greek friend Stavros who always has the most concise yet sagacious advice for me. I asked him (he’s a personal trainer) how I could lose weight and his answer was “work on building a little muscle, and don’t eat like a fat ***t.” It sounds terribly crass, but when I am deciding on whether or not to have a fourth piece of pizza, a little voice pops into my head.

1. Food. Of course this would be the number one thing on my list. I need to eat more gyros and tzatziki. There’s so much Greek food that I haven’t tried that I would love to be served from a big ol’ Greek goddess-of-a-mama.

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