Take Five Friday: This Fun House

Now that we are (for the most part) settled into our house, I thought this Friday’s Take-Five would be five things I love about my lil house.

5. Ozark Conversation Starter. The sticker on the back with its name is somewhat old and broken to bits, but I believe that is what it’s called. People always look at it funny and ask if they can play with it. I love the endlessness.

4. Carousel shower curtain rod. When The Beau brought it home, the first thing I noticed was how the fancy “scrollwork”-type design made it look like a carousel pole. so of course I did a mini Dite Von Teese act around it before we hung it up. But now because of that I look at it almost every time I’m in the bathroom and think about one of my favorite things: carousels!!

3. The cutest little fixed bathroom window. Unfortunately it doesn’t open, but it is great for reading,

or just a beautiful spot for plants.

2. Steady breezes to keep my balloons afloat. For some reason, we are lucky enough to have a constant, beautiful gentle breeze in our upstairs office space.

Just enough wind for my balloons to stay afloat!

1. Tortilla viewing spot. Known to others as a window, the thing I use it for most is watching my little Tortilla enjoy the early spring sunshine.


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