Pepper Calls It: UFC 111

suited up and one flex away from jazz hands. photocredit: danhardymma

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy vs. Georges “Rush” St.Pierre

If you aren’t jacked up about this fight yet, watch all three of these, then come back. Oh hey! glad you could make it back! I hate to break it to anyone who thinks the underdog will prevail in this one, but maybe you didn’t watch the Primetime where GSP was balancing on a piece of wood. (2:57 mark) He has trained with the best in their fields, he has trained with masters and most importantly, he won’t let something go until he himself executes with perfection. Dan Hardy may be hungry, but GSP is not in the mood for his dinner to be snatched from him.

Shane Carwin vs. Frank Mir

I know everyone wants Mir to win just so the Mir-Lesnar III will happen. I know everyone will benefit from Mir-Lesnar because those fighters being well-known. And I know that Lesnar being ringside at 111 will be crazy if the winner is Mir. But I’ll be damned if I just want to pick Carwin. That is all.

Jon Fitch vs. Ben Saunders

Although I’m hoping Ben could use his beard powers to lights-out Fitch, I have a feeling it will come out in Fitch’s favor.

Kurt Pellegrino vs. Fabricio Camoes

Although I don’t usually go for guys who like to bleach their hair, I think in this case “Batman” Pellegrino will dominate Camoes.

Mark Bocek vs. Jim Miller

By the law of averages I’m going with Miller here. You don’t think twice about a fighter who is from a town named SPARTA.

Nate Diaz vs. Rory Markham

I hope this one gets televised, because almost as much as I love GSP, I love me some mean-mugging.


Who else is badass enough to admit this?

Take Five Friday: It’s Spring, I Can Stop Shaking My Fist at Winter

It’s finally spring, no more annoying “I can’t wait ’til spring!!” posts. It’s here, and it’s time to be thankful!

5. LIST FEVER! Springtime around here is a whirlwind of birthdays, festivals, hiking, bounding around outside, so I have begun making lists like the SSoLA, filling up my notebooks with random jotted notes for ideas to flesh out later.

4. BIRRRTHDAY! It will be my birthday April 7th, and although I have to work that day, I will be gallivanting (hopefully in a tutu) that weekend somewhere.

3. As you read this, I am working on a Summer Scavenger List for all my friends to take part in over the summer. I am hoping a lot of people will be a part of it; the more creative minds, the better.

2. Wearing more dresses. Spring and summer means dresses galore! Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re perfect for me because 1)I’m lazy and not having to put on pants is wonderful and 2) did i mention I love tulle?

1. Not being winter anymore. No more cold feet (which means having to put on icky socks), no more sluggish feelings, no more sitting inside all day!

photo taken by my mom

The List Returns!

During the craziness of moving and holidays and everything, my Fall/Winter List was lost somewhere (maybe I sold it at my yard sale?). Which I guess was good, because I can start with a completely fresh slate for Spring, the best season of them all. Sure, summer is the awesome for the boiling temperatures and swimming pool party action, but spring has the air of preparation. Everyone is getting things in order, cleaning, uncluttering their minds, bodies and domiciles to make room for the awesome things spring and summer have in store! 

So, without further ado, the Spring List *trumpets sound* 


Ahh, yes, everything you have come to love about the Lists are still here: stick figures, weird situations, drawings not to scale. Of course it still needs its color, but all in good time. 

The first thing I can cross off my list is…well, nothing yet. Spring just sprung over the weekend, so I haven’t got to check anything off. Give me time people. We have 2 and a half months of Spring to enjoy! Let’s get to it!

An Outfit and an Album

Since the Outfit and An Album post was so popular (I’m still smitten with my Judas Priest ensemble!), I thought I’d do some more!

This is an outfit for Lietenant Lucy Rose. She wears her heart like a medal of honor, she believes in the wisdom of flower meanings and always goes for color over White.
One of my top 5 favorite Stones’ albums, this ensemble was made especially with Carrie Lantern in mind. She whirls around in sunsets in her wizard booties, keeps extra pixie dust and Jack in her purse, and is ever-grateful to the rock gods for her space in the universe to jam.
Trivette Spada runs through the woods, her hand overher rune bracelet. She knows that the silver glint will attract unwanted attention, but also the runes themselves. Her pet fox Auroch always watches over her shoulder for michievious elves and evil birds.