Letter to Someone I Admire: Kathryn Bigelow

photo credit

Dearest Kathryn,

Congratulations. This makes Point Break even more badass.

I know you aren’t particularly excited to be a trailblazer for women directors, because really, it shouldn’t be such a surprising and novel thing that a woman can direct something as through-provoking and badass as a man. I would grow weary of having to answer “woman in a man’s world” questions, too. But still, you’re the first. Thank you for helping little girls everywhere who make home movies, either with gi joes and bottle rockets or bank heists and Gary Busey action figures,  believe that what they’re doing is relevant and noteworthy.

Of course it always starts with the script, this one not being an exception. The script was beautiful and perfect, but it was your keen eye and imaginative flow that held the story up. Keeping audiences involved, empathetic and emotionally invested is the sign of an amazing director. You earned that title.

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