Take-Five Friday: Complaint Free Week

I took part in Operation Nice’s attempt at a complaint-free week.

I gave it an honest try, was mindful, and with the exception of talking about the sharp pain in my back, i was successful.

Fate was trying to throw me a curveball this week, though. While driving on the freeway, this happened:

Now that it’s over, I wonder if it was because I declared this week no complaining, or if it was just a coincidence…

Good things that have happened:

  • The mayor of my city emailed me to say she loved the city employee newsletter that I wrote. My very first issue and she liked it. No pressure for the second one!!
  • After worrying about money for my window, turns out my insurance covered it ALL! Sigh of relief and all smiles.
  • Drove down to tempe to help my friend look for jobs. I’m glad I could be of help and, despite the torrential rain and almost flying away Mary Poppins-style, was really fun!
  • Rediscovering this song:

  • Last but not least, friends and plans. My close friends are a hip and groovy bunch of cats, and making plans to travel, road trip, be goofy, cause mischief with them is a constant source of enjoyment for me! 

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