Nom, Nom, Nom: Turkey Salsa Rollup

Gettin down in it

This was something I was kind of nervous about making and posting up here, since I had never tried it before, but for the sake of trying new things, I risked it all.

Beverage pairing:

Mexican beer would pair well with the spiciness of these rollups. I prefer Dos Equis, because I like to pretend I am The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Turkey-Salsa Rollups

2-3 tablespoons tablespoons salsa
pre-cooked turkey or grilled chicken strips
3 tablespoons red pepper-flavored hummus
4 (12-inch) whole-wheat or plain soft flat bread wraps or tortillas
1 avocado, chopped
2-3 handfuls of shredded, Mexican-style cheese
Chopped iceberg lettuce or baby spinach, and cilantro

1. I put my cheese first, so i could melt it on the bread as it was warming up. For practicality sake you should smear the hummus on first, to protect the bread from the salsa. But cheese is a practicality for me, so everything I do is related to cheese somehow.

2. Slap on your turkey, hummus, spinach, avocado and salsa, roll as tightly as possible and cut in half. Voila!

baby spinach and melted cheese mmmm…

  • The hummus acts as a nice buffer to keep the flat bread from getting too soggy. Make sure you spread it around the middle – you don’t want your wrap to be structurally unsound and collapse mid-conversation with someone, avocado and salsa plopping in a heap. Although the remnants make a fantastic impromptu dip!
  • You can use any kind of flatbread you like. I had never made something with flatbread before, so I just grabbed some Sprout’s wheat ones. I highly recommend them – phenomenally tasty.
  • The jarred salsa and prepackaged turkey add a high sodium level to the recipe. Making your own salsa (hello, salsa garden!) and using leftover turkey can help you control the salt content.

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