An Outfit and an Album

Since the Outfit and An Album post was so popular (I’m still smitten with my Judas Priest ensemble!), I thought I’d do some more!

This is an outfit for Lietenant Lucy Rose. She wears her heart like a medal of honor, she believes in the wisdom of flower meanings and always goes for color over White.
One of my top 5 favorite Stones’ albums, this ensemble was made especially with Carrie Lantern in mind. She whirls around in sunsets in her wizard booties, keeps extra pixie dust and Jack in her purse, and is ever-grateful to the rock gods for her space in the universe to jam.
Trivette Spada runs through the woods, her hand overher rune bracelet. She knows that the silver glint will attract unwanted attention, but also the runes themselves. Her pet fox Auroch always watches over her shoulder for michievious elves and evil birds.

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