The List Returns!

During the craziness of moving and holidays and everything, my Fall/Winter List was lost somewhere (maybe I sold it at my yard sale?). Which I guess was good, because I can start with a completely fresh slate for Spring, the best season of them all. Sure, summer is the awesome for the boiling temperatures and swimming pool party action, but spring has the air of preparation. Everyone is getting things in order, cleaning, uncluttering their minds, bodies and domiciles to make room for the awesome things spring and summer have in store! 

So, without further ado, the Spring List *trumpets sound* 


Ahh, yes, everything you have come to love about the Lists are still here: stick figures, weird situations, drawings not to scale. Of course it still needs its color, but all in good time. 

The first thing I can cross off my list is…well, nothing yet. Spring just sprung over the weekend, so I haven’t got to check anything off. Give me time people. We have 2 and a half months of Spring to enjoy! Let’s get to it!

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